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What are the good properties of silicon carbide ceramics?

2018-08-14 09:35:03

Silicon carbide ceramics is a kind of special ceramics made by various processes with silicon carbide as the main raw materials.

Silicon carbide ceramics mainly have oxidation resistance, electrical conductivity, high hardness, high thermal conductivity.

(1) oxidation resistance: silicon carbide ceramics have poor oxidation resistance at 800-1140 degree, excellent oxidation resistance at 1140-1600 degree, and oxidative film is damaged when it is higher than 1750 degree.

(2) electrical conductivity: pure silicon carbide is an electrical insulator, but silicon carbide ceramics contain various impurities, so it has some electrical properties.

(3) high hardness: the hardness of silicon carbide ceramics is determined by the silicon carbide itself. As the temperature increases, the hardness of silicon carbide ceramics does not decrease.

(4) thermal conductivity: at room temperature, the thermal conductivity of silicon carbide ceramics is quite high.

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